MEET Nomax Technologies

 Jim Clements, Business Owner

Jim Clements, Business Owner

What is Nomax Technologies?

Nomax Technologies, based in  Harrison Township, MI, is an enthusiastic tech company excited to provide a combination of services and products that cannot be found anywhere else. With a main focus on security and surveillance products, they also offer access control, smart home systems, structured cabling, and lots more to residential, commercial, government, and industrial clients. 

How is Nomax Technologies awesome?

Simply put: The extra mile comes standard. Nomax sets itself apart from their competitors through their sincerity, integrity, and effort. They strive to maintain personal relationships with all of their clients, so they aren't just another faceless service company. 

Why does Nomax Technologies love UniTel Voice?

"UniTel Voice provides us with a vanity toll free 800 number and an automated attendant that helps field and direct calls to the proper personnel. The cost is definitely reasonable for the number of features they offer. Everything can be configured through their website and tech support is on top of things. All around it's been a good experience." - Jim Clements, Owner of Nomax Technologies