MEET 2nd Chance Counseling Service

Megan Peterson, Executive Director

Megan Peterson, Executive Director

What is 2nd Chance Counseling Service?

2nd Chance Counseling is the first nationwide Online Addiction Therapy provider. They hope to help create change and access in the way they are addressing the addiction epidemic.

How is 2nd Chance Counseling Service awesome?

2nd Chance Counseling is the first and pioneer in this industry, that believes in making therapy easier for patients and giving them access to therapists on their own time. They want to help break down the barriers to treatment and help both patients and families that are dealing with addiction.

Why does 2nd Chance Counseling Service love UniTel Voice?

Customer service is awesome which is something we also pride ourselves on. The setup was easy and they are helpful with every step of the way." - Megan Peterson, Executive Director