MEET The 420 Cyber

Etien Alcantara, CEO of 420 cyber

Etien Alcantara, CEO of 420 cyber

What is 420 Cyber?

We are a cyber security and compliance firm specializing in protecting the cannabis industry and their data. We are a one-stop shop for our customers and are presently focused on the small business space. We have been in the cyber security arena for 10+ years specializing in darknet and cyber criminals, however, we saw a real need in the cannabis industry to make a difference and help the industry gain its mainstream footing.

How is 420 Cyber Awesome?

Outside of just being our hilarious and dynamic selves, we feel that catering directly to the industry is what makes us unique. We spoke with dispensaries, cultivators and ancillary businesses to understand their pain points and then built a set of offerings tailored to those needs. From disaster recovery to social media monitoring our goal is to be a turnkey solution that makes businesses and their manager's jobs easier.

Why does 420 Cyber love UniTel Voice?

"UniTel Voice has been a turnkey solution for us. We are diverse and spread out and UniTel Voice makes it easy for us to route customers to the right person as well as being affordable for us. We loved being able to upload our own greeting and hold music as we were able to customize our experience to who we are.” - Etien Alcantara, CEO of 420 cyber