MEET Allied Sober Living

Stephen Bona, Bussiness Owner

Stephen Bona, Bussiness Owner

What is Allied Sober Living?

Allied Sober Living provides safe, sober recovery homes for women and members of the LGBT community in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Our houses are free of drugs and alcohol and have structured programming that help our residents learn how to live happy, sober and productive lives.

How is Allied Sober Living Awesome?

We understand that recovery requires a holistic, person centered approach. Our programming helps accomplish this through our four pillars: providing purpose, fostering community, democratic governance, and a home atmosphere that feels like a family.

Why does Allied Sober Living love UniTel Voice?

"Learning to live a sober life can be difficult and finding a recovery residence often takes multiple calls to find out they have no openings or never receive a call back. The phone tree extensions allow callers to reach all of our houses with one phone call and email voicemails make returning calls convenient for our staff. UniTel Voice has helped simplify our lives and removes barriers to recovery for people seeking recovery residences." - Stephen Bona, Bussiness Owner