MEET Care Access Network

Dave Long, Owner

Dave Long, Owner

What is Care Access Network?

Care Access Network is a network of experienced, top quality healthcare providers and clinics throughout the Dallas and Arlington Texas areas offering complete care from start to finish for injury victims. Whether you've been hurt in an auto accident or on the job, we can help you. We offer access to primary care doctors, chiropractors, pain management doctors, orthopedic surgeons, and neurologists that are experienced and focused on providing care for injury victims. We provide the assistance of former insurance adjusters that can aid you with any and all claims paperwork from auto accident claims to Federal Workers Compensation Department of Labor claims to Texas Workers Compensation claims.

How is Best Rest awesome?

Care Access Network has some of the nicest and most top quality facilities in the DFW area for injury victims and provide the latest in evidenced-based care along with detailed documentation to help patients with their claims. They also provide the services of former insurance adjusters to assist patients with their claims for free, the only healthcare organization in the DFW area that can say that.

Why does Best Rest love UniTel Voice?

"It was very easy and quick to set up with the best pricing I could find. I have had no problems or issues whatsoever." - David Long, Owner