Community Financials

Russell Munz , Owner & CEO

Russell Munz , Owner & CEO

What is Community Financials?

Community Financials helps self-managed condo communities and homeowner associations by performing monthly accounting tasks. We collect, protect and report on community funds - nationwide.

How is Community Financials Awesome?

Board volunteers are busy enough and don't need to be frustrated by not receiving financial information or worse worry if a board member or property manager is stealing funds. Our online tools provide transparency, accountability and greater control to make accounting stress-free. Why do we do this? Because financial transparency protects community residents and our Big Hairy Audacious Goal is safeguard and report the funds for 1 million homes.

Why does Community Financials love UniTel Voice?

"UniTel Voice made it easy to get our business up and running with our custom 800# (833-CONDO-HOA). As a former Army Captain I know how communication is vitally important. UniTel Voice online portal and smart phone app allows us to route calls efficiently and maintain communication no matter where our team is working. Thank you UniTel Voice!" - Russell Munz, Owner & CEO