MEET Dent Repair, LLC

David Streen, Owner of

David Streen, Owner of

What is Dent Repair?

Dent Repair, LLC helps connect people with the most qualified Paintless Dent Repairman, PDR for short, (or body shop if needed) in their local area. They help the repairman make the client experience better than it has ever been using cutting edge technology and proprietary procedures. A large portion of the general public isn't fully aware of PDR or it's capabilities of repairing dents in automobiles. Dent Repair helps raise the awareness of this well kept secret of body shops and dealerships and makes sure the person needing their automotive dents removed can easily find the right business to help them.

How is Dent Repair Awesome?

They offer the world's first VERIFIED automotive dent repair services across the country. All of their independent contractors are thoroughly screened with background checks and must provide proof of proper insurance. They agree with and follow Dent Repair, LLC's strict no-drill policy and other policies and procedures which ensure proper repairs and client experiences. Dent Repair wants thier customers to feel safe and have trust in the dent repair technicians working on their vehicles.

Why does Dent Repair love UniTel Voice?

"I love that UniTel Voice is easy and affordable. The phone tree system helps to make us look as big as we will be growing and the system will not need to change. It handles everything easily. For now, all of the extensions just ring into my cell phone and I know what people are calling about before answering the phone. As I grow and have the right people filling the positions, I can simply forward that extension to them. I have several businesses and I use UniTel Voice for all of them!" - David Streen, Owner of Dent Repair, LLC