MEET Eduspire Solutions 

The Team at Eduspire Solutions

The Team at Eduspire Solutions

What is Eduspire Solutions?

Located in Devon, PA, Eduspire Solutions develops innovative, cloud-based software for schools that are 1-to-1 or have device access in order to personalize education by enabling flexible scheduling, student choice, and digital hall pass management. Designed by educators, for educators, our applications solve many of the problems that today's teachers and administrators are faced with. We aim to simplify classroom management and streamline administrative processes with thoughtful solutions that are feature-rich, easy-to-use, cost-effective, fully integrated, and that run on multiple operating systems. 

How is Eduspire Solutions awesome?

Eduspire Solutions' products include a ground-breaking digital hall pass application (which is currently the only comprehensive pass solution on the market) that enhances school safety, security, and accountability while minimizing classroom disruptions. It also provides flexible scheduling solutions which allow students to personalize their daily schedules and vote for their favorite activities all within an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. These products provide voice and choice, customization, transparency, and administrative oversight like never before. Schools all across the country are enjoying a seamlessly transformed educational environment thanks to their software solutions that make teachers' lives easier, promote increased student participation, and provide unprecedented flexibility.

Why does Eduspire Solutions love UniTel Voice?

"All of our employees work remotely, so UniTel Voice is very practical for us. We need to be contacted by interested schools and prospects, and this system facilitates that. The new interface is feature-rich and easy to use as well. Although we didn't need a lot of features at first (we only needed a vanity number and the ability to ring several people at once), we are growing and appreciate that there are more features available to us." - Brian Tvenstrup, President of Eduspire Solutions