Apoorv Dwivedi, President of Fixyr

Apoorv Dwivedi, President of Fixyr

What is Fixyr?

We help the person in charge of marketing to guide their marketing strategy and build their marketing capabilities. We provide small businesses, financial services firms, and professional services practices with marketing strategy development, digital marketing strategy, competitive intelligence and market research, and coaching.

How is Fixyr awesome?

Do you know how lots of businesses struggle with trying to determine what marketing they should do? We help to fix your marketing. We know marketing can be confusing, that's why at Fixyr we belive that strategy should come before tactics, and that the best path to success is to build a results-focused marketing plan.

Why does Fixyr love UniTel Voice?

"UniTel Voice allows our business to be run from anywhere, by anyone, and look professional while we do it. As a location-independent firm, this really gives us the flexibility we need. It also provides a professional impression. It starts with using a vanity/branded number (877-80FIXYR). Then when someone calls the professional voice menu provides an excellent first impression to any caller and let's them know that we are serious about marketing and that they can trust us with their business. I also like that we get an email with the attached voicemail recording. We can attach this to our customer record in our CRM to give us a record of calls and messages. Plus you get all of the above at a very reasonable price point - great value for a small business! ” - Apoorv Dwivedi, President of Fixyr