MEET Hot Cherry® therapeutic pillows 

J'Nelle Holland, Owner of Hot Cherry Pillows

J'Nelle Holland, Owner of Hot Cherry Pillows

What is Hot Cherry Pillows?

Based in Santa Barbara, CA, Hot Cherry® manufactures pillows filled with clean, dried cherry pits. When heated they deliver moist heat that smells like cherry pie. Put them on sore muscles, tummy aches or just to warm beds. Chill them to make a cold pack. Hot Cherry® pillows come in 5 different sizes and 2 different fabrics, they're completely washable and make wonderful and practical gifts for everyone!

How is Hot Cherry Pillows awesome?

Cherry pit pillows are a Swiss health tradition that are little known in the US. Our sustainable Michigan tart cherry pits (that would normally go to a landfill) Hot Cherry® therapeutic pillows are processed with a patented process, without chemicals. Their denim is natural-dyed, and all their pillows are minimally packaged, reusable and safer than a heating pad. They make them bigger and better than anyone. They're a woman owned business, certified by Women's Business Enterprise National Council and Green America. They make Hot Cherry pillows that help people feel better! 

Why does Cherry Pillows love UniTel Voice?

"We love UniTel Voice because it's so easy and cost efficient. With an 800 number, that sends any caller to our voicemail; plays our personal message to customers; records their message; then immediately sends it to us via an email with our customer's recording. It's so easy to listen to the recording from our office computer or telephone from anywhere. UniTel Voice makes this aspect of customers service for our company–– a breeze!" - J'Nelle Holland, Owner of Hot Cherry®