MEET I've Been Vetted

Jo Lynn Clemens, Owner & CEO

Jo Lynn Clemens, Owner & CEO

What is I've Been Vetted?

I've Been Vetted (IBV) is the world's first renewable post employment background check dashboard. IBV helps reduce costs associated with negligent hiring, hiring and training costs while at the same time encouraging positive employee conduct and differentiating a company as the safest in its prospective industry. IBV provides employers with a secured dashboard that allows them a snapshot view to filter by Pass/Fail status, occupation or region. No other company helps to monitor, mitigate or differentiate like I've Been Vetted.

How is I've Been Vetted Awesome?

IBV is the first background company that addresses the risk employers face after they have hired employees or contractors. The leadership team at IBC has vast experience managing litigation involving negligent hiring cases and understand courts are awarding high settlements for insufficient vetting of employees and contractors, even when pre-employment background checks have been conducted.

Why does I've Been Vetted love UniTel Voice?

"I love Unitel because my phone service is not an issue. It's a service that I can depend on." - Jo Lynn Clemens, Owner & CEO