Charles Barr, CEO of LVRG Funding

Charles Barr, CEO of LVRG Funding

What is LVRG Funding?

LVRG Funding is a "boutique" small business finance company, providing capital and advisory services to small business across America. 

How is LVRG Funding awesome?

At LVRG, based in Detroit, MI, they are different from other lending firms. They never set out to be the biggest, but they do strive to be the best. Their deep sense of integrity, professionalism, and commitment to the spirit of entrepreneurialism propels their determination to provide assistance to small business owners in a challenging economic climate.

Why does LVRG Funding love UniTel Voice?

"We love UniTel Voice for many reasons. For starters, the services they provide are efficient, seamless and affordable. It's literally like having a Fortune 500 phone system, at an affordable cost. What's more, there are no contracts or hardware to buy. But one thing really sets them apart, there are real people behind this company and they're are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Most companies today are automated and robotic, UniTel Voice has a great group of people behind the company and they're are always willing to help. I really can't say enough good things about UniTel Voice, we couldn't be happier!" - Charles Barr, CEO of LVRG