MEET Midwest Transcription Services

Victoria Schulze, Business Owner

Victoria Schulze, Business Owner

What is Midwest Transcription Services?

Based in Chandler, AZ, Midwest has been a leading provider of medical transcription services since 1991. Midwest delivers flexible transcription outsourcing services that allow you to better control your costs while improving your profitability and patient/client care. Midwest provides transcription services for all types of businesses/specialties including contractors, insurance companies, law offices, media companies, magazine editors/writers, autobiographies, hospitals, clinics, M.D. offices, churches, focus groups, panel discussions, etc. The rigorous quality standards at Midwest ensure the accuracy of their documents. Midwest offers 24/48 turnaround time, and all work performed and transmitted is HIPAA compliant. 

How is Midwest Transcription Services awesome?

Midwest Transcription Services is awesome because it can provide it's clients with a dictation service they can use free of charge available 24/7 to dictate any type of report which my service can then access immediately after the job is signed off to transcribe. As many people have digital recorders and like to use their own dictation system, another option for Midwest clients is that they can upload their own voice files to Midwest's HIPAA compliant server where we can then download the file and transcribe it. Because all business is basically conducted via the internet with use of a computer/laptop and a cell phone, Midwest's staff are always available to thier clients, any time, any where. 

Why does Midwest Transcription Services love UniTel Voice?

"UniTel Voice is the perfect solution for my business because I never miss a call. Calls go directly to my cell phone which I have with me at all times. The caller is identified as a business call via my business phone number appearing on the screen. I love the fax feature capability that allows me to give out my business phone number as a fax number. I am alerted via email of the incoming fax. This is all done via my cell phone which allows me the freedom of not being tied to my office when expecting a fax or phone call. - Victoria Schulze, Owner of Midwest Transcription Services, LLC