Did you know you can make money showing small businesses how Unitel Voice's virtual phone system can help them sound professional & stay connected? You can, and it's super easy, because UniTel Voice is now part of the PartnerStack community. PartnerStack lets you work with companies and earn rewards for promoting their products. 

  • Recurring commissions

  • No cost to get started

  • Turnkey setup


How Does It Work?

1) Sign up to become an affiliate partner.

PartnerStack will provide you with marketing material to help promote our services, along with a your own unique Affiliate ID Link. As one of our partners, you can:

  • Chat directly with our partnership team.

  • Download materials that we've designed specifically for you.

  • Manage your referrals and payouts from your partner dashboard.

2) Promote your affiliate ID link.

You'll then refer businesses to UniTel Voice using your affiliate ID link, promoting it on your website, email, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, newsletters, etc. When we receive visitors through your affiliate-tagged links, we'll associate that visitor with your affiliate account. If the visitor then signs up with UniTel Voice (either on that visit, or on a subsequent one), you'll receive a recurring commission on their purchase.

Your affiliate ID link activates a durable 60-day cookie in the visitor's browser for tracking purposes. If the visitor ends the browser's session or comes back through another link you will still receive credit for the sale during that 60 day period.

3) Start cashing referral commissions!

When someone you refer to us signs up and sticks with us through their 30 day risk free trial, you get paid. You'll earn a 20% monthly recurring commission on the first year for all accounts you refer or signup. Commissions add up quickly and you don't actually have to wait on a paper check to be mailed every month. Payouts are sent through PayPal and you can withdraw your balance at any time, as long as it's over $50. 

Your willingness to recommend our services means the world to us. And there's nothing wrong with a little side hustle!

Thank you.