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Founders of The Only If Foundation

Founders of The Only If Foundation

What is The Only If Foundation?

Based in Rosemont, IL, The Only If Foundation is a children's 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to changing the lives of disadvantaged children and children of fallen police officers, fire fighters and military personnel. They provide children with entertainment venues as well as educational scholarships. The Only If Foundation provides moments of normalcy during depressing and lonely times.

How is The Only If Foundation awesome?

Many events in a child's life can cast them into a life of loneliness, despair and pain. Among one the most difficult, is the the loss of a parent. The Only If Foundation reaches out to these children, and help kids realize that they are not alone and haven't been forgotten. The mission of The Only If Foundation is be there for the children of our communities fallen heroes. 

Why does The Only If Foundation love UniTel Voice?

"UniTel Voice offers our foundation the flexibility of having full service phone features while not having to maintain an office presence. It frees up valuable time for our staff and allows them to be out in the field without having to maintain office telephones. UniTel Voice's flexible virtual phone system allows us to make changes on the fly and change call routing's instantaneously. " - Wally Paredes, The Only If Foundation