MEET The Stoneware Standard

The Team at The Stoneware Standard

The Team at The Stoneware Standard

What is The Stoneware Standard?

Stoneware Standard did extensive research on unique stoneware products. After many months of searching we decided to exclusively sell Mara and Padilla Stoneware tableware products. Our Mission is to sell you exquisite, high-quality products that you can be proud of and that you will be able to enjoy and use for many years to come.

How is The Stoneware Standard Awesome?

We are one of many web sites that sell Mara Mugs but are we are the only one that presents all of the products sold by the Distributor in a customer friendly way. It features a shopping cart that allows you to stay on your selected page as you add products to your shopping cart and then go to your cart only when your are ready to check out.

Why does The Stoneware Standard love UniTel Voice?

"I had been using RingCentral since we launched our site in 2008, but lately they started adding charges to the bill that had NOTHING to do with the charge for the 800 numbers. I checked with UniTel Voice and found a plan that was cheaper than RingCentral and actually offered more benefits. I was able to actually talk to someone to set the parameters I wanted and they explained how I could email them an answering menu I wanted and they had someone with a more pleasant voice than me record it. I am very satisfied with their customer service.” - Jack Trahan, Owner of The Stoneware Standard.