Keydra, Marketing Manager at

Keydra, Marketing Manager at

What is TufDoor?

K-12 School Security, "Active Shooter" Security Solutions & Lockdown Strategies.

How is TufDoor awesome? is on a mission to provide a safe learning environment in schools for our children. Our competitors are pushing the idea of classroom barricade devices on classroom doors which is a terrible idea which violates free egress and fire code laws. has unique systems that allow classroom doors to be immediately locked remotely by teachers and administrators in an "Active Shooter" scenario or other emergency. In contrast, classroom barricade devices lock out the police, fire and EMT first responders and could provide an intruder a safe room for a hostage situation.

Why does TufDoor love UniTel Voice?

"We love using UniTel Voice because of their professional voice answering systems that allow a small company to operate just like a large company with all the same bells and whistles. We can operate efficiently from several locations or on the road without missing a call. We are really thrilled to have such a full service system without having to pay a fortune for receptionists." - Vincent G Smith Jr, Owner & CEO