Anthony Dalleggio, Business Owner

Anthony Dalleggio, Business Owner


What is uDo?

Based in Holmdel, NJ, uDo, Inc. manufactures and distributes the only US-patented bamboo toothbrush in the whole world. uDo sells and donates toothbrushes to schools, supermarkets, and offers online subscriptions with the mission to ensure everyone on Earth owns a toothbrush.

How is uDo awesome?

uDo is solving a global problem, not merely raising awareness. There are billions of people who do not own toothbrushes. There are more cell phone owners than toothbrush owners. They want to put toothbrushes in everyone's hands and we are doing it in an environmentally sustainable way. 

At uDo, they make the world better one smile at a time. "With UniTel, we also make it better one dial at a time :) " - Anthony Dalleggio

Why does uDo love UniTel Voice?

"With so many kids that need toothbrushes, I can't afford to spend thousands of dollars per year on a toll free number. UniTel Voice's affordable virtual office plan is the perfect solution to my business needs. No other company beats or matches UniTel Voice's prices and extraordinarily resourceful customer service team." - Anthony Dalleggio