MEET Vacation Toy Rentals, Inc.

Christopher Warren, Owner

Christopher Warren, Owner

What is Vacation Toy Rentals?

Based in Granite Bay, California, Vacation Toy Rentals, Inc is a Peer-To-Peer website with an Affiliate (Small Business) program that supports the travel industry. Their site provides the method in which travelers can prearrange the vacation equipment they desire before they arrive at their destination. They can arrange for anything from a surfboard in Maui to a duck blind in the midwest. There are millions of sporting equipment, motorhomes, dirt bikes, power boats and backpacking equipment sitting in garages and storage yards. Their website provides a method to list these items for rent, lease, sale, or trade. Why let it go when you can rent it?

How is Vacation Toy Rentals Awesome?

There several competitors within the travel industry that rents vacation equipment, but are item specific. What they offer is a broader line of rentals from both individuals and small businesses. One of the best options is when the owner is done renting it, they simply change the item from a rental item to a sale item. We don't just sign up anyone. Vacation Toy Rentals researches the listers to make sure they provide quality equipment when and where the consumer wants it. They also limit the number of small businesses who can be on the site to ensure quality control. The best part is Vacation Toy Rentals does not charge the Peer or Affiliate to list their items. If the consumer rents the item through our site, they pay a small service fee.

Why does Vacation Toy Rentals love UniTel Voice?

"After doing the homework, UniTel offered a competitive price. However, what sets them aside from their competitors is their customer service. It is amazing. They have helped me around the clock setting up my service, made recommendations on how best to use the system, and help me integrate it into my call center. They treated me with respect when i did not understand a feature. I highly recommend this company and will remain a loyal customer for considerable time." - Christopher Warren, Owner