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The blow companies are part of the PartnerStack partnership community, as is UniTel Voice. That means we've partnered with them to cross promote our products and get a commission from purchases made through the links on this page. If you have an awesome product, you too can join the PartnerStack community below and we might feature you on our page if your service would add value to our customers. 



Startuplister is an affordable startup PR solution with proven results. We manually craft an outreach campaign to pitch relevant industry blogs, directories, and communities specific to your target audience.

Getting press for your startup is essential for growth and traction. However, we have seen far too many startups waste time pitching the wrong journalists, spending thousands on PR agencies only to get mediocre results, or worse, altogether avoiding press & directory submission as an effective traction channel.

That's why Startuplister exists -- to fill the void of PR solutions available. They're dedicated to helping startups become even more successful while staying on a budget.


Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch provides an easy to use time keeping solutions for businesses.  Employers sign up and add their employees in minutes, employees can log in to punch in and out without any training.  Their system is intuitive and flexible, they offer many optional advanced features such as GPS location information on punches, web cam integration for photos of employees on each punch, smartphone apps, automatic overtime calculations and many reporting options.



Publicfast is the marketplace where on the one hand helps brands find and start working with the right influencers and pay only for results. On the another hand, we help influencers, social media active people, work with brands they love and get paid for creation and distribution branded content. Basically, we help them monetize their social networks accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and VK. 

Publicfast partners with everyone, from newly created startups to international companies. Already trusted by 21st Century Fox, Samsung, Danone, PokerStars, Purina, Libresse, Finlandia, Khortitsa, Chivas and 200 more. Over 25,000 of influencers connected to Publicfast and cover over 400M users across the globe.


Blog Hands

Blog Hands takes the weight, of wondering where the next round of blog posts are coming from, off a businesses shoulders and allows them to put their focus where it's most needed, running the business.

As a partner you can put the blogging aspect of your service in the hands of a team who is passionate about blogging. While you focus on your strengths!



Yanado is the TOP Project Management tool for Gmail users. You can manage your projects using Agile or Kanban methods right from your Gmail.  No need to waste time jumping between Gmail and project management tools. Manage your projects with Yanado right inside your Gmail.  

  • Track team progress from Gmail

  • Create tasks from emails

  • Android Mobile Application

  • World Class Customer Support



Reply began it’s journey in August of 2014, when they noticed that the world of direct sales was (and still is) changing dramatically. With the amount of data available online it became possible to find the right people right when they need you the most. 

Honest and supportive sales teams come in, replacing old school, pushy sales methods with their ineffective cold call approach. At Reply, they are striving to build the best sales acceleration platform that would allow a new class of sales team to perform at their very best. 



PartnerStack is building a community of influencers to help you drive sales. It offers companies a turnkey affiliate and referral program that makes it easy for you to partner with agencies, affiliates, review sites and content creators to market your products for a commission. 


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